Saturday, February 23, 2008

Academy Award for Gothic Fashion? Sweeney Todd and Oscar.

sweeney todd costume johnny depp stripes

Colleen Atwood is one of my favorite costume designers of all time. She already won the golden statue twice already for the slick, sexy outfits in "Chicago" and more innovative, Asian chic for "Memoirs of a Geisha". Her signature look has been the frequent styling collaborations with Goth film auteur, Tim Burton.

In Sweeney Todd, the designer has created a distressed, more-punk-than-Broadway look for the dark and bloody musical. Blacks, greys and deep wines, blood red, shredded silks and velvets. Corsets and tailored vests give a nice silhouette. Critics have already pegged her as the favorite to win the Academy Award this Sunday.

She has my vote, and if you are watching the Oscars this weekend, show this amazing artist some love!

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Goth Clothes said...

I absolutely love the costumes in this movie, actually, I don't think there is any Tim Burton movie in which the costumes are not spectacular!


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