Friday, February 29, 2008

Wylde About You...

Hello Lover, if you want to impress me with treats, you need to come up with more than a handful of Malomars. Luxury Punk/Goth fashion queen and head designer Paula Thomas has the perfect purse for ladies of edgy taste. This Thomas Wylde "Bag of Tricks" handbag is just the right accessory for the high-end vampiress and couture-minded witch. The generous textural grained black leather is exquisitely finished with detailed stitching. The weathered silver rivets are engraved with skulls, and the front of the bag is appliqued with a gothic gun metal cross. The lining of this handbag is the signature fun skull print. Carry this, and you will definitely be the most fashionable Mistress of Darkness at the next haunted soiree.

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