Thursday, July 17, 2008

Joker Style

If you don't live in a cave or comparable rock, you are perfectly aware that the summer's most anticipated move, The Dark Knight is opening at Midnight.
Christopher Nolan's stylish and gritty take are key, and of course, the most buzzed and tragic performance of Heath Ledger.
With so many different takes on the Batman comic, what inspired this particularly dark vision? The concept of this film was cited to be the Joker's first two appearances in the comics and one of my favorite all-time comic arc, Batman: The Long Halloween.
As for Gotham fashion? Renowned costume designer Lindy Hemming helmed this movie's threads. She set the look for all of the modern James Bond movies since Goldeneye, the Royal Shakespeare company as well as the previous Batman Begins. For the Joker's look in this film, she described him "he doesn't care about himself at all"; she avoided designing him as a vagrant but still made him appear to be "scruffier, grungier", so that "when you see him move, he's slightly twitchier or edgy. Hemming drew inspiration from artists like Pete Doherty, Iggy Pop, and Johnny Rotten.

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