Monday, January 5, 2009

Macabre Travel: The Darkside Store in Toronto, Canada

I'm so sorry for not writing sooner darlings. I was paying a visit to my friends in the North. The lovely city of Toronto is a rich source for Gothic style and lusciously brooding lovers. On a quick stroll of Queen Street West, always a hotbed of fashionable dark frocks I discovered delightful boutique. The Darkside Store is a wonderful shop dedicated to horror. A beautiful collection of books, cards and artwork is for sale by a talented artist calling herself Creepy Christine. Apparel with graphics from your favorite spooky cinematic moments are here as are a myriad of other collectibles. The facade on the street is lovingly created to resemble a haunted house. The store's website isn't quite up to date with all of the merchandise yet, but it lists many of the horror scene's great events around town.

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