Saturday, February 21, 2009

NY Fashion Week: Severe, Dark and Stormy at Chado Ralph Rucci

This Fall 2009 show by Chado Ralph Rucci seemed to have a strict, severe, dominatrix in mind. A woman who demonstrates she is boss by any means necessary, but still needs feminine, mainstream clothes for the day to day. This beautiful collection had very wearable clothes for civilians, but with some subtle edgy details. Leather straps braided into a web-like top to frame the body of a black widow. Asian gargoyles and statues printed on black sheer fabrics to tease the onlooker. Slashed soft fabrics to mimic a decaying iceberg that is breaking apart. The makeup was dramatic. Eyes were done in dark, heavy eyeliner for a smouldering effect. Hair was slicked or pulled back severely. Message here: Don't mess with Chado Ralph Rucci's divas.

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