Saturday, February 28, 2009

Steampunk Trunk Jewelry

Looking for feminine, pretty, yet industrial steam punk-inspired jewelry? An artist from Oneida, New York has set up a beautiful shop of her wares online called the Steampunk Trunk. Most of her pieces are priced at a reasonable $25 - $75 and are high on stylish detail. Lacy filigree meets vintage Swiss watch movement pieces with gilded insect motifs.


Anonymous said...

This seller is a KNOWN and documented COUNTERFITER of jewelry designed by the top selling steampunk designer. STAY AWAY! DON'T SUPPORT COPYING!

charlie said...

Hmmm an ANONYMOUS person accusing a designer of copying, with no proof, or even the name of the designer he/she is supposedly counterfeiting... (yeah, learn to spell anonymous) Just another wannabe HATER


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