Friday, May 1, 2009

The Courtesan's Fashion Library: Japanese Goth

Japanese Goth
Hitting the bookshelves this week is a gorgeous book displaying a range of our favorite looks in Victorian, punk, anime, lace, and vampire-inspired lolitas. While the mainstreaming of Gothic fashion and culture keeps getting bigger and bigger, here is a book that presents it as the diverse artform it really is.

"Gothic culture in Japan doesn't mean listening to Bauhaus and wearing all black," says author Tiffany Godoy, a Tokyo-based fashion writer who co-created the book with Ivan Vartanian. "It explores core elements of Japanese culture like the supernatural, fantasy, folklore, religion, eroticism, gender, beauty, and performance, among others."

Not just a pretty tome, the author also continues into investigating the deeper inspirations, "There are so many elements that come into play: the island culture and mentality, isolationism, the shift of culture from pre– and post–World War II. I want to truly reflect the culture and ideas of the various scenes." Click here for a slideshow preview of what you will find inside.

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RWEStaff said...

these are besoming a goth fashion staple around here:


The HouseCat said...

That's a book that is DEFINITELY on my covet list... A lot of friends have apparently given me books, and I'm hoping that when I unwrap things tomorrow I find a copy under my tree. I've been coveting it for ages now, and everything I hear about it is excellent.

Oh, my word verification is "Doomin" :)


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