Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Royal Sarcophagus Society

Looking for exquisite hand-made Gothic gifts and treats for yourself? The Royal Sarcophagus Society and the Sarcophagus store offer beautiful crafts, clothing, artwork, toys and other beautiful oddities by stylish artists like Christine Stait-Gardner, Magda Trzaski and David Keyes.
Their group has a goal of liberating art and "setting it free from the shackles of mass produced, predictable, modern day, dim-witted, dunder-headed profit orientated sameness."
The quality is impeccable and the prices are very reasonable for such elegant items. Support the art, support your own dark tastes, support someone's need for a great day in receiving such a nice gift...

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Kris Dickinson said...

Wonderful blog! Thanks so much for visiting mine. I've linked you in my blog list as well. Have a great day! - Kris


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