Thursday, May 21, 2009

Macabre Travel: Midsummer Nightmare NYC

Do you mourn the eleven months of the year that is not October? Are you disgusted by the cheesiness of Disney-like haunted houses? If you will be in NYC during the next three weeks, the Vortex Theater Company has the perfect evening for you.
The Midsummer Nightmare is an adults only haunted house that truly delves deep into your psyche to rattle your fears. The first basic rule is that you MUST walk through it alone. Thrillist already warns of "elaborately bloody scenes depicting violent sexuality and disturbingly scatological bathroom horror, plus "complete and total darkness".
Don't expect plastic bats or paint splattered sparkly costumes. Do bring extra underwear.
On a budget? This journey and a shot of whiskey are only $6. Book now.
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Dirgesinger said...

Gods I wish I would be at THAT other end of the world:)


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