Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Morose and Macabre Gallery and Shoppe

Are you tired of staring at the bleak, blank walls of your home? Perhaps its time to peruse the spooky and elegant gallery of Dr. Morose and Miss Macabre Noir (not a relative of mine). Their biography, or "Obituary" states the deceased couple had made an agreement with the devil to return to Earth after being tortured and rolled in flames to "Share their visions of hell and the wonderful things that await the still breathing."
The gorgeously designed website is host to an online gallery of , moody art, creepy sculptures and shadow boxes. Their Etsy shop also offers art, jewelery and clothing. Their self-named "oddities" show a diverse range of skill and vision. Could they be Hieronymus Bosch reincarnated? Only Beelzebub can tell.

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www.moroseandmacabre.com said...

thanks for the decompliments on our page and our oddities/artwork.

if you're in the area of charlotte, NC at the end of may, come check our traveling art tour hitting this towne starting May 28th at SHiPROCKED! @ SNUG HARBOR and on May 30th at KABARETT VULGARE @ JEFF'S BUCKET SHOP.

and look for us in other cities later this spring and summer!

-- MangerDanger,


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