Monday, June 15, 2009

Baby Noir - Dark Chic for the Urban Baby

Not a pastels kind of Mom? Do duckies and teddy bears make you ill? Do you need your little one to be dressed as chic and cosmopolitan as yourself? New mother Kazuki Kozuru was a New York fashion designer for some of the top houses in the industry. When her daughter was born, she naturally wanted to dress her in the same, stylish aesthetic that she herself subscribed to. However, after shopping the market, she realized that baby clothes in the stores did not follow suit.

The popular new parent book states, "Urban Babies Wear Black". If that's true, where were they all shopping?

Looking to correct a glaring glitch in the market, Kazuki started a small, home-grown baby collection from scratch. The stylish onesies have Victorian-inspired ruffles down the front and tees have fabulous screen-printed motifs (my favorite is the warrior-like sword-wielding princess). She even has accessories, like the black rose petal hat modeled above.

Baby Noir can be purchased every week in Brooklyn at the Artists and Fleas market, as well as online here.

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