Friday, June 5, 2009

Gothic Fashion at Wave Gothic Festival - Germany

What started out as a small music festival of only ten bands in 1992, the Wave Gothic Festival in Leipzig Germany, is now one of the biggest gatherings of Goth, Cybergoth and Steampunk fans worldwide. The four day festival which ended last week. showcased over 100 bands.

The event was more notably, a stunning exhibition in the most elegant, creative Gothic fashions of every genre. Everything from precious vintage items to meticulously crafted accessories made by the wearers themselves were paraded around the event. The producers are already gearing up for next year's event on their website.

For more gorgeous photos of the fashions, click here. Photos from the Daily Mail UK.

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BJARKAN said...

*sigh*..what a pity, that the WGT is was a fantastic weekend :-)


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