Friday, June 26, 2009

Japanese Goth Fashion Icons - Kokusyoku Sumire

Kokusyoku Sumire is a music group that combines opera, rock, classical and electronica via its two musicians Yuka and Sachi. The talented pair are also gorgeous poster children for Japanese Goth and the Goth-Loli fashion style. They are also the models for Lolita-inspired "Angelic Pretty" collection. Their live shows and music show a multi-disciplinary range and are often cute and unsettling at the same time. Of course, each appearance and video is a beautiful showcase in elaborate Gothic and Lolita fashion

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Isabela said...

Hello! So good to see Kokusyoku Sumire, my favorite duo, on your site! I just thought I ought to point out that they don't model for Angelic Pretty (which is a premier lolita brand, not just inspired) but often do shows with the brand. Alot of the clothes they wear are indie brands and/or handmade. They are an inspiration for all lolitas not just gothic lolitas and I love their beautiful and hypnotic melodies. Take a listen to Sango to Ushio on their myspace, its pure poetry!


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