Saturday, June 13, 2009

True Blood Style - Slow Southern Goth

If you live in the States, HBO's True Blood premieres its second season this weekend. The incredibly sexy, darkly humorous television program has made quite an impact for more than the great writing.

The actresses of the show have been noticed quite a bit for the skimpy, Southern styled costumes that they wear from scene to scene. The setting is a humid and hot Louisiana, where people generally wouldn't want to wear much. The costume designers also pretty, sweet, pastels and whites which make a dramatic backdrop for all the blood splatters that come their way. As so much of the show is set at night, many lingerie looks have made their way into the wardrobe as well. If some of that lingerie helps accentuate certain features, that's just a bonus.

Star Anna Paquin describes,“Our costume designers are very talented at that. No disrespect to my God-given assets, which are quite modest, but they can make a lot out of not so much. It’s hilarious. I’m walking around with what some woman would pay a lot of money to have done to her body. I’m all tan and blonde and look nothing like myself, so why not be half-naked with my boobies around my chin?”

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