Friday, July 10, 2009

Carnivale of Ascension: Death, Decadence and Dinner Party!

If you are in NYC next week, RSVP quickly to this dark and debauched dinner banquet... Artists, chefs and performers are coming together to produce the delightful Carnivale of Ascension event in the East Village. The invitation asks guests to come masked to dine in a "Grandiose setting on the bridge between life and death".
Specially created cocktails will be served with "whole roasted animals and vegetarian delights." Prepare for a sexy dessert "Devoured from a human serving tray".
When you are good and intoxicated by the musings and rituals of the 'dead' you will be entertained by the "lurid" antics of musicians and burlesque performances to enhance your evening. Contact to confirm your attendance.

8/16/09: If you have have read the comments there was one guest who did not enjoy the event, and many who did. One guest was generous enough to share his beautiful slide show of the soiree... You can judge for yourself:


roxy B said...

that looks really cool!

Anonymous said...

I'm sick and now have have 2 tickets to tomorrow's dinner. Please check out my listing here if you're interested:

Unknown said...
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Ms. Fabulous said...

Oh dear Kurt, I'm sorry you had such a poor time. I suggest you write to the organizers and voice your unhappiness to them. I don't know if they read this blog or would respond via this outlet.

Anonymous said...

I attended with several friends on the first night-Tues 7/14, and it was incredible! We all had a fantastic time. The best event I've been to in ages. It was provocative and in your face, but thoroughly interesting and entertaining. We loved the painted set and performances, my favorite being Darling Cait and the clown, Red Bastard. Very artistic, very New York- with all the gritty opulence of the LES art scene from which it originated. Certainly not for the faint of heart.

The night I went had a professional sound system (concert JBL speakers), and the food was a renaissance feast (modeled after the Venetian Carnival/Carnivale of Death/Carne Vale- farewell to meat) with suckling pig, goat, rabbits etc with steamed root vegetables and herbed couscous. Not to mention the drinks. The watermelon jalapeƱo tequila drink with a salt rim was a wonderful summer cocktail.

As for my group of friends- anything we needed was promptly tended to by Cleo Fishel and the staff. It was clear to me that the point of the event was to bring people together, so though it was a small private artist loft, it was lovely and intimate.

In my experience, open-mindedness welcomes beauty but a sour attitude paints a sour portrait. Not sure why Kurt doesn't just reach out to the event contacts whom he rsvp'd with. Or use spellcheck.

Anonymous said...

Right, I was there the night that the fan dropped- it's NYC. Things happen. That dude and his little loser gal pals were so bridge and tunnel wannabe sex and the city it's unbelievable (Just like anyone who is up by 11:00 AM the next morning to post on EVERY site about what happened at a party the night before).

The party got INSANE, and everyone was literally naked by 2:00 AM... which loser boy and his flapper-dressed "party-city" costumed harem weren't there to see- because I'm sure by then they were at duvet, or marquis or some other meat packing club wishing they were in their usual stripey shirts and squared toed shoes.

This wasn't the place for them.

Anonymous said...

Let me also set the record straight about one more thing-

You want to hook up? No matter what your sexual preference- there was easily someone hot for you here. For FIFTY dollars, this was easily the best bargain in the city with about 200 beautiful people all looking for a good time (Of course, none of them were the rude, prude, fat chicks at Kurts table- or the lame straight guys who accompanied them). This party was, in a word- WILD.

For fifty bucks you get a full meal, all you can drink (And literally...every form of alcohol just kept on flowing), and tons of hot people all around- in barely any clothing.

Go have fun at duvet, losers.

TheGreatLordAnubis said...

Slideshow from the first night:


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