Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Gothic Decor For Dummies

Anyone can dress up in dark romantic finery for special occasions. While there is nothing wrong with the weekend warriors, how many of you have the passion to make your home a Gothic haven as well?

Unfortunately, Gothic interior design often runs the gamut from cheap, tacky vampire clich├ęs to very expensive custom creations that are out of reach of most people. How does a lady or gentleman of taste manage to bring such seductive style to their home in a practical and accessible way?

Not everyone can afford the gorgeous purple velvet coffin couch from indie designer Erickson at $3500. However, most of you can swing the Billy Blue 22 hand-cast metal bird skull door and drawer knobs at $16. While black lace and roses may not work for the more husky princes out there, these birds are sexy AND masculine.

Looking for Gothic home decor from mainstream sources? Anyone can turn a plain, generic room into a lusty den with a well chosen shade of red paint for the walls. For the bedroom, choose your favorite bedding in black satin or Egyptian cotton and add a Black Chandelier Wall Decalhttp://www.assoc-amazon.com/e/ir?t=thecourmaca-20&l=as2&o=1&a=B001EFI2SW for an inexpensive, modern twist on a traditional vampire castle staple.

Lastly, don't forget CANDLES. Candlelight makes any environment more romantic and mysterious. You don't need elaborate candelabras for that. Inexpensive votive holders can be dressed up (colored paper will do!) in any hue to accentuate any theme. Buy them in bulk, find them at a discount store, or swipe a few at the next wedding you attend...

Need some more background on the different styles of Gothic design genres? Check out Marie's Manor Decorating blog


leather sectional said...

just whanna find one of the most interior design web...thanks for sharing

Ms. Fabulous said...

Hi LS,
My favorites for interior decor are apartmenttherapy.com and designspongeonline.com


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