Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Underground Goth Fashion on Berlin 5 Subway

Last Thursday, the most fashionable venue in Germany was the Berlin 5 subway line. The underground fashion show displayed the creations of punk, Goth and fetish designers like X-Tra-X, Alex in Wunderland, Savage Wear, Pinup Couture and Models As Rockstars. The mobile catwalk was a showcase for the designers who came from Europe and North America and lasted through the 45 minute metro ride.

Photos from Reuters/AP


Anonymous said...

Hi, i am soon launching s street fashion blog with people on subway and would really like to post your pucs on that site, is that ok? I can link to u. Thanks in advance / per

Ms. Fabulous said...

Hello Anonymous, the photos were not taken by me, they were published on Reuters/AP


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