Saturday, August 1, 2009

Absynthe Giveaway Winner! Evil Lily Originals

Congratulations to Courtesan Macabre's first giveaway winner! The lucky subscriber is the very stylish Evil Lily who will be receiving Christian Lacroix's newest fragrance, the sensuous Absynthe. The wicked lady is a fellow designer and has her own shop on Etsy. Her 'craft' includes gorgeous decor, accessories and clothing with a dark and romantic slant.

Lily explains that she is not really evil. Her name is a "Reference to deep purple/black calla lilies, as opposed to the innocent white ones. The calla lily is my favorite flower. The dark purple is equal to the black sheep, daring to be different from the norm." Her motto? "Step out of the box. Enjoy life." Amen!


~Wendy~ said...

Yay for Lily! You could not have picked a better first winner! Her designs are fabulous, and unique! She is a cherished friend as well!


Evil Lily said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful write up too! You are absolutely wonderful, my dear!


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