Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dark and Chic Down Under: Melbourne's Circa Nocturna

When one thinks of Australia, images of the epic Outback, the Sydney Opera House and handsome Hugh Jackman come to mind. Edgy, dark and alternative fashion do not spring to mind. However, a collaboration between a group of entertainers and designers came together last spring to produce the Circa Nocturna.

Held at the dramatic Fitzroy Town Hall, the Circa Nocturna was a grand fashion presentation featuring Gothic, fetish and all sorts of alternative style for artistic souls to network, share and educate. Photographers were able to show their work as well, newcomers were able to be inspired, and everyone else was able to party.

The designers ranged from the cute stylists who showed their love of the theme is simple ways to true masters of tailoring and corsetry. All seemed to appreciated and supported by their fellow creatives. A festival that I would love to see happen more all over the world


Ria said...

If I was in Melbourne I would definitely have gone. Each year the show seems to be getting more beautiful!

Can't wait for UTBM Festivals in October here in Sydney though :)

Naxia said...

Just saw the date for the next one. I wanna be in Australia around that time, would be sooo cool if i could make it. But I reckon I'm gonna be in VIC later in March :-/


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