Friday, September 4, 2009

Correspondence for the Wicked....

Has the art of penmanship, elegant notes and letter writing truly been lost? Have the generic A2 sized sheets and copiers ruined the lovely tradition of beautiful correspondence? I pray not. With well chosen papers, notecards and stationery. Any passionate lover can make a long distance amour quiver with well chosen words.
The Somber Stationery set has an elegant winter branch print, decorative lace taping, blood red doilies from Strata store.

Tell them they have a 'power' over you with this tongue-in-cheek (not literally I hope) voodoo doll set.

Would you like to seal and lock your prose? Laser cut "insane asylum" keys that you can use to adorn your vellum envelopes.


Melanie's Randomness said...

Love Love the keys!! I do collage and omg those would make such a cool accent on things!!

The HouseCat said...

oh! It's lovely. I quite like sending hand written letters and that stationary is /perfect/ <3

Cesar said...



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