Monday, October 12, 2009

Dark and Gothic Beauty Trends for Fall Go Mainstream

You may have always done the "smoky eye" and have never been stingy with the eyeliner (ladies AND gents). The deathly violet or blood-red lipstick may have always been part of your repertoire. Your manicure was "vamp" long before a little company called Chanel tried to claim it as their own.

Beware my chic brethren, but the mainstream fashionistas have caught on, and are coming to join you in droves this season.

M.A.C. cosmetics created an entire night out of the dark aesthetic on Vogue's big "Fashion Night Out" event and a whole campaign of "Style it Black" complete with How-to videos.

Elle Magazine ran an entire article on Gothic hairstyles and makeup in response to Zac Posen's Fall show and many other runway presentations.

Will this trend go away when the snow melts in Spring 2010? Don't count on it yet... Makeup artist Lucia Pieroni said she made up the models at the Jonathan Saunders spring 2010 show to look like "beautiful, sexy vampires."

So, do you mourn your loss of individuality? (Well, you know you mourn so beautifully darling). At least you can take comfort in knowing you were a pioneer.


Anonymous said...

the problum is that us pioneers are now called "posers" because of the stupid teenagers, who are the real posers, that saw one movie and desided that it's there look, and not ours, even though we dressed like this when they, were still "scean", wore pastells, and made fun of us.

Anonymous said...

they do say that copying is the finest form of flattery...

Carolin said...

Mourn? While mourning is something we do well, we must remember that the fashion world will eventually decide to go back to pastels and cheeriness, and leave behind the dark and elegant , hopefully leaving behind a few gems on the clearance rack once they have been deemed passe...


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