Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

To all of the beautiful ladies and handsome gents out there, I wish you the most festive Hallow’s Eve. I trust all of you will celebrate in the most fabulous manner. The Courtesan here is entertaining her closest companions at the haunted castle.

In honor of the holiday, I leave you here with the memory of my first Halloween:

I was three years old. My father, in an afternoon of creative inspiration made the decision to make my first costume. I watched him with fascination, not knowing what he would make. I was in awe of his craft as he duct taped a construction paper cone to my head.

He created a witch’s cloak out of stereo speaker fabric with a hole cut out for my face. I wore it all without understanding what a witch actually was. As my parents normally did not permit me to have candy, the concept of strangers handing me sweets and being allowed to keep them was monumental.

By the time I yelled “Trick or Treat” to the second house we visited, I was emotionally overwhelmed and ended the night. My father was quite disappointed. He had waited three years for an excuse to have neighbors reciprocate free treats, and had expected to return with a bigger haul.

The next day, I got over the initial shock of free candy as a concept, and was properly motivated to collect bonbons again. I understood the 'witch' outfit was key. I was confused and saddened when my father informed me that we would not be going back out that night. I didn't understand why. However, I continued to wear the witch costume every day in the hopes that today would be the day that the quest would continue. I thought the costume was a candy-collecting uniform.

I wore my pointed hat each afternoon and played "trick or treat" alone with my teddy bear. I travelled from couch to couch, panhandling to stuffed animals for lollipops. Alas, this was probably the reason why neighbors thought I was an infant practitioner of the occult...

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Anonymous said...

i loved your story. my first was just as thrilling. after the first snickers bar i was done for the night as well haha.


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