Friday, November 6, 2009

Grand Shipwreck Ball in NYC

As further evidence of the arrival of "Shipwreck Goth", may I present to you, Dances of Vice's Grand Shipwreck Ball. Taking place November 20 - 22 in New York City, the event presents a fanciful gathering of castaways, sailors, glittering mermaids, sea sirens, pirates, sea captains and scalawags.

Be dazzled by an extravagant display of live classical opera to rock ballads, historical costume fashion shows, dance, puppetry, fencing, performance art, vendors, and ballroom dancing, among other chimerical amusements
The festival takes place at several inspiring locations, so check the website to decide what port you decide to sail away to (sorry, had to).


Unknown said...

wish there were such events in France, and particularly in Rennes!
anyway, it looks rather exciting and wonderful!
have a good evening, Liz

Ms. Fabulous said...

Hi Liz!
Have you been to the Comme A Vienne Opera Comique in Paris on New Year's Day? A comical Viennese opera festival at the Salle Favart in Paris. Call (33) 825 00 00 58 for more information.

kitty valentine said...

hello there,
i so wish i could come to this, it sounds sublime... but i am too far away.
i love your blog, it's delightful.
i am a painter living in a tiny old shop in london and i think you might like the pictures i've been working on recently - i've been politely defacing victorian photographs and postcards and giving the characters a whole new life.
i have a blog: and also an etsy shop, linked on the blog.
i'd be thrilled if you took a tiny peek
very best wishes from dark cold london town,

mumbot said...

Love your blog! Wow, that event sounds incredible. I just added some new brooches to my shop and one is actually a pirate themed piece! Here's a link if you want to check it out:

Ms. Fabulous said...

Hi Jade! LOVE the pirate brooch! The new pieces in your collection look great!


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