Thursday, January 14, 2010

Steampunk Cruise Down Under

I always thought it was strange that my cousins in Australia spent their Christmas holidays in the summer. After this year however, I have come to appreciate those advantages. On a warm December night of 2009, the vintage 1902 steamship Waratah hosted a fabulous Steampunk Cruise.

The voyage took its stylish crew around Sydney Harbor and returned with some gorgeous photos. (Click for the full slideshow) . The women looked sexy and feisty, the gentlemen, well some of them truly put a flutter in Ms. Macabre's corsets and heart...

Hmm, I think the famed Goth Cruise in the Carribean has some competition now...

Thanks to the Steampunk Workshop and Patrick's Flickr gallery for the news and photos. Patrick thanks John Dunne aka Lieutenant Ruprecht Carruthers-Ivanovich of the Imperial Zeppelin Marines for making the event happen.

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