Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rivithead - Affordable Punk/Goth Fashion for Boys & Girls

1Alas, one of the toughest things about being a fashionable Gothic Diva, is the toll it takes on your purse. The delicate details that make Gothic fashion so special is also what drives the prices up. Let's face it, a simple t-shirt does not take much effort to make, but laced up, tailored, sculpted corset seams and hardware CAN make everything expensive.

What a nice surprise to find an online boutique that sells intricately designed pieces that had nice fabrics, great style AND came into price points most people could afford? Rivithead's clothing, footwear and accessories for both women AND men ranged from extreme punk to Gothic-tinged styles you might be able to get away with at the office.

A few select finds:

Batwing Handbag for $21...Red Flame Boots for $55

Men's D-ring Imported Cotton Coat for $95, the Women's Attitude Punk Fitted Corset-styled jacket is only $40

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