Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Gothic Home Decor: Anthropology Chic

I came across a post by stylist and designer partner bloggers The Heights of Fashion. The article featured some pieces inspired by the interior designs soon to be featured in the decor site "Maison Bisono". It demonstrated how a Gothic home decor look could be achieved without succumbing to black walls and overly ornate trinkets. The scenes here were achieved by a few well-chosen objects. An ancient animal skull, weathered driftwood, a ceramic human skull. This small collection gave a slightly macabre look, but could be set in a contemporary room against Mongolian lamb throws and modern furniture. The objects have a sculptural look and can be set against etched mirrors, pale walls and still have a deliciously edgy ambiance.


Unknown said...

My partner loves this style. He's painting a giant animal skull silver this weekend so he can hang it in our foyer. :/

trashtastika.com said...

I really like this look! Much better than the trad mediaeval gargoyles and such in goth homes :)

DM said...

I found some perfect Gothic style wall murals that would go great with this stuff. Just did a blog on it, didn't think others would be into that stuff too :)

Unknown said...

Gothic wall decor, discover that gothic style was initially concerned with bringing light and color into the gloomy Medieval spaces of its heyday.

ObscuriaGothicShop said...

This has an interesting look. The skulls do bring a macabre element, while the woodsy touch makes it feel more organic.
Gothic Home Decor


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