Thursday, April 8, 2010

Gothic Interior Design - Wallpapers by Grow House Grow

I got this little decor tip from a tweet from none other than Neil Gaiman himself... Grow House Grow is a Brooklyn-based design firm specializing in hand-printed wallpapers. While at first glance, the patterns have a lovely, art nouveau quality about them, a closer look reveals that each print has an edgy side.
Katie Deedy's designs are inspired by narratives, historical figures like Mary Ward (a naturalist focused on insects), Aleister Crowley, Captain Smith (of the doomed Titanic). Giant squids, spellbound hands, social insects make their way as motifs in retro-themed walls.
The website is very user-friendly. Each pattern is shown as a whole, in closeup or in a room setting. They are offered in multiple color combinations and are accompanied by the story of its muse.

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Kay | Business Card Printing said...

Really amazing designs! I love the third design because I like the shade of green and I think that it will be perfect for my room :)


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