Friday, June 11, 2010

Gothic Weddings - Part Two

L'amour... There are no laws that weddings have to be frilly, saccharine affairs. If white, daisies and fondant don't suit you, don't bother!
Here is a round-up of real weddings I found online where the couples were tasteful, gorgeous and projected their own personalities for their big day...

Rachel & Tom's Halloween wedding was mostly DIY, she made everything from the invitations to the gown. Instead of your typical bouquet, the bridesmaids carried the stunning lanterns you see above. Cocktails were in the form of an 'eyeball' punch. The cake was made up of rich red layers, topped with dripping dark chocolate ganache and skeletal figurines.

Kelifern & Hamilton had a quirky Day of the Dead themed wedding in a friend's backyard. The bride wore a simple black dress, embellished with butterfly wings and skull. Cute skeletons decorated the tables along with traditional Day of the Dead figurines. The drinks were themed for the afterlife, as well as the menu. Marigolds are a tradition flower of the holiday, keeping the overall wedding palette very cheerful.

Danielle & Kyle's theme was "Gothic Fairy-Tale". He is a big fan of Metallica and skulls. She loves deep colors, architecture and used a glass slipper as a motif throughout. The bridemaid's gowns were black lace on white. The bouquets were different shades of blood red, embellished with jewels and black feathers. The cake was an exquisite off-kilter black and white creation with deep red velvet inside...

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