Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kanibal Home

If you are in New Jersey, or looking to decorate your home online, take a look at one of my new favorite shops.  Kanibal Home is a wonderfully quirky boutique selling vintage, re-purposed items, eclectic decor, fashion accessories and clothing.  It's not quite Goth, but it definitely has a darker, wicked edge.

Rumor has it that the proprietor once worked at a morgue, giving her some macabre credibility.  The store's blog covers everything from taxidermy, fashion and fabulous DIY projects.

They launched a small graphic tee and scarf collection.  The artwork consisting of antique typewriters, chandeliers, vintage silverware and skulls.
What makes them tick? Their philosophy is "devouring the old and creating something new."


mumbot said...

Love that store!!

Anonymous said...



How are you? I,ve been taking a look at your blog in the last days, and I find it very interesting. There a lot of things so inspiring....

I though that maybe you could find interesting to mention my creations on it... I,ve creating for years, but it wasn,t until this year that I created my blog...

I make clothes, accesories and bijoux, both historical, gothic, steampunk, bellydance... a bit of everything....

All of my creations are made with love and dedication. If you take a look at them, I hope you like them.
You can also add me as a contact on facebook, if you want to.

So, here is the link to my blog:

Thanks for your time!!


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