Saturday, October 9, 2010

Goths at Fort Tryon Park Medieval Festival

The Medieval Festival and Renaissance Faire at Fort Tryon Park draws huge crowds to this northern tip of Manhattan.  While few New Yorkers usually get to this neck of the woods, the gorgeous castle (Cloisters Museum) lures those who wish to dress of another time.
There are several distinct groups who attend this annual party.  There are the fully garbed knights, casual cotton peasant outfits, the pirates, the fairies and most fashionable, the Goths.  I found the most stylish attendees walking around Fort Tryon Park.  A very pretty tribute to Harry Potter's Bellatrix LeStrange, prim and elegant witches and my favorite, the fabulous Lady Zombie.  She cavorted with a crew of lavishly attired gentlemen in dark vampiric garb.
Check out the fashion slideshow below:

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