Monday, October 18, 2010

Steampunk 101 at NY Comic Con

The elite of this country's Steampunk movement joined together for a panel at last weekend's NY Comic Con.  Writer G. D. Falksen led the discussion on how the culture originated as a literary one.  Jules Verne was an early inspiration to the movement.  Steampunk has now spread to music and fashion.  

While Goth is sometimes interpreted as dark and spooky to outsiders, Steampunk often gets an easier rep of being optimistic and fascinating.  It was explained as science fiction mixed with the time period before WWI back to Victorian times.  

The aesthetic is elegant and diverse.  One of the designers on the panel considered herself a Goth, but explored the time periods and science of multiple cultures for her Steampunk fashion designs.  The Steampunk "Boba Fett" was a terrific example of taking a modern pop icon and reinventing it as one's own character.  Outside in the NY Comic Con grounds, a Steampunk Iron Man also roamed the floors (winning Marvel's best costume contest).

Comic-Con Photos by Mariana Leung.  Iron Man photo by Judy Stephens

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