Monday, December 13, 2010

Goth Gift Guide: Vamplets

What do you buy new parents or the young little bloodsucker in your life?  I came across a couple at the NY Comic Con with the most adorable booth.  Vamplets are cute vampire dolls you can adopt.  Cuddly with a bite, they have names like Evilyn Nocturna and Burton Creepson jr.  They have wicked little accessories like Disappearing baby bottles (of blood).  

The collection was founded by an artist named G-ra who turned it into a family affair.  The Vamplets team has been gathering fans all over at toy fairs, Comic-cons on both coasts, Dragon-cons and a bunch of other fun events.  

Check out all the baby vampires in their nursery, the Vamplet's witty website. 


Vivian said...

Oh my Goth ;D these are adorable! They remind me of these ones:
did those exist outside Italy in 90's? XD

Gavan said...

There great! They have a facebook page as well !

Mariana L said...

Vivian, those are kinda creepy AND cute! Great for nieces and nephews you want to disturb >:)

Gavan, thanks for the link!

DarkMoon said...

Cute!! ^^

alaina said...

Do you have order Vamplets online or can buy them in stores? And if you can, where can you get them in Canada?

Mariana L said...

Hi Alaine,

You can order them from their online store as far as I know. Your best bet would be to call them directly and ask if Canadian stores carry them. Their contact information is on their store page:


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