Monday, December 13, 2010

Goth Gift Guide: Vamplets

What do you buy new parents or the young little bloodsucker in your life?  I came across a couple at the NY Comic Con with the most adorable booth.  Vamplets are cute vampire dolls you can adopt.  Cuddly with a bite, they have names like Evilyn Nocturna and Burton Creepson jr.  They have wicked little accessories like Disappearing baby bottles (of blood).  

The collection was founded by an artist named G-ra who turned it into a family affair.  The Vamplets team has been gathering fans all over at toy fairs, Comic-cons on both coasts, Dragon-cons and a bunch of other fun events.  

Check out all the baby vampires in their nursery, the Vamplet's witty website. 


Elisa B said...

Oh my Goth ;D these are adorable! They remind me of these ones:
did those exist outside Italy in 90's? XD

Gavan said...

There great! They have a facebook page as well !

Ms. Fabulous said...

Vivian, those are kinda creepy AND cute! Great for nieces and nephews you want to disturb >:)

Gavan, thanks for the link!

DarkMoon said...

Cute!! ^^

alaina said...

Do you have order Vamplets online or can buy them in stores? And if you can, where can you get them in Canada?

Ms. Fabulous said...

Hi Alaine,

You can order them from their online store as far as I know. Your best bet would be to call them directly and ask if Canadian stores carry them. Their contact information is on their store page:


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