Wednesday, December 29, 2010

H. Naoto - Otakon Hero, Gothic Punk Designer

Otakaon, one of the largest conventions of anime, manga and Asian pop culture honored a featured a fashion designer as their special guest this year.  Naoto Hirooka has blended Gothic Lolita, Punk, Anime and Cosplay into his collections of fashion/art since 2000.  A multi-talented designer, the man better known as H. Naoto has produced character-based collections like Hangry & Angry.  He has also produced streetwear inspired lines based on military and biker looks for men's shop "H" in addition to his sexy Gothic womens collections.
For more photos and a peek into past collections, follow through here. 


Flor said...

:O is perfect! very Visual Kei ^^ i love it!!!


Elisa B said...

I like H.Naoto, and it look like the brand finally came up with somthing new!
I was concerned with the fact that they did always very similar designs, and they're all a bit too messy for me, I'd never wear totally h.naoto, but something here and there is really a touch of style, even if you're not a gothic lolita or visual kei style! :D

Vivian from styleBizarre


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