Thursday, January 13, 2011

Free Gothic Business Cards for your Wicked Biz...

I know many of you are entrepreneurs, artists and crafty individuals.  I also know the economy isn't helping many of us.... It's nice to know that you can get decent business tools at reasonable prices.  Vistaprint has been around for awhile, offering free or low cost business cards, stationery, etc.  I never took them seriously, as most of their designs uses to be too basic or cheesy for dark style sensibility.

I came across them again and found that they had some surprisingly edgy styled designs.  I pulled a few that I thought would work in the themes of Gothic fashion.  Of course, it would be more impressive if you designed your business materials yourself, but not everyone can.  Some of the designs here are 'free' (you pay for shipping).  Some are considered premium, but they are still very reasonable in cost. 

It's 2011...Go and make your mark on the world.


Anonymous said...

Love those top two designs. Thanks for the link- they are here in Australia- will vertainly give them a go.

Amy Asphodel said...

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Flor said...

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Ms. Fabulous said...

Thank you for the award Florencia!

Ms. Fabulous said...

Thank you Ultimate Goth Guide!


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