Friday, January 21, 2011

Lex Machina - Steampunk Stylist & Photographer

Simply gorgeous.  Lex Machina is a Detroit, Michigan based digital artist and photographer.  She loves collecting antique portraits with quirky details.  She styles for fashion and events with a distinct shadowy palette and sexy, dark aesthetic.  

Checkout her blog and re-caps of SteamCon and other fabulous events. If you're having a Steampunk event, she offers up a free template for you to use as an invitation.


Lisa Lotte said...

I'm sorry, but what about these pictures is actually steampunk?

Elisa B said...

Steampunk is spreading really everywhere lately! I'm about to post an interview with a photographer/mua/accessories designer and it's all about steam punk! Maybe you will like her! :D

Dasha Soliman said...

Skvělé fotky. První je nej!

Ms. Fabulous said...

The photos I posted here aren't the best examples of Steampunk. If you check out Lex Machina's website, you'll find more historical/sci-fi inspired images that fit Steampunk better. I just posted the most fashionable ones I liked.

Ms. Fabulous said...


I can't wait to check out your interview!

Myke Amend said...

Lex does beautiful work and has been a long time favorite of mine. But... the lower left image, that is artwork by Bethalynne Bajema (


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