Friday, January 21, 2011

Lex Machina - Steampunk Stylist & Photographer

Simply gorgeous.  Lex Machina is a Detroit, Michigan based digital artist and photographer.  She loves collecting antique portraits with quirky details.  She styles for fashion and events with a distinct shadowy palette and sexy, dark aesthetic.  

Checkout her blog and re-caps of SteamCon and other fabulous events. If you're having a Steampunk event, she offers up a free template for you to use as an invitation.


Mieze said...

I'm sorry, but what about these pictures is actually steampunk?

Vivian said...

Steampunk is spreading really everywhere lately! I'm about to post an interview with a photographer/mua/accessories designer and it's all about steam punk! Maybe you will like her! :D

Dasdusha said...

Skvělé fotky. První je nej!

Mariana L said...

The photos I posted here aren't the best examples of Steampunk. If you check out Lex Machina's website, you'll find more historical/sci-fi inspired images that fit Steampunk better. I just posted the most fashionable ones I liked.

Mariana L said...


I can't wait to check out your interview!

Myke Amend said...

Lex does beautiful work and has been a long time favorite of mine. But... the lower left image, that is artwork by Bethalynne Bajema (


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