Sunday, February 6, 2011

Obscura: Oddities are Fashion's New Hipsters

How does a tiny little shop in the East Village inspire top fashion designers and its own reality show?  By having the most interesting collection of antiques, oddities, Victorian funeral photos, mourning beads and bizarre taxidermy that reaches beyond the imagination.  

Owner Mike Zohn had a love of antiques from an early age.  He readily admits that if he hadn't opened a shop, he would have been a hoarder.  Luckily for devoted shoppers, he went with the business.  Co-owner  Evan Micholson was a Goth/Industrial/Post-Punk rocker whose performances included covering her audience with fake blood.  During her music career, she developed a passion for anatomical antiques as well as art inspired by "extremes of human experience and the esthetics of grief."  She is also a scholar in residence of the Morbid Anatomy Library.
photo by NYC Metblogs

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Amy Asphodel said...

Wow o.O This looks great! Weird how the tide of fashion turns, though...


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