Sunday, March 20, 2011

Art Donovan - The Art of Steampunk

Are you looking to redecorate?  How about something classic and futuristic at the same time?  I visited the Architectural Digest Home Decor show in NYC and found some beautiful objects for the boudoir.

Art Donovan is a Steampunk artist and new author.  He debuted his upcoming book at a signing and was featured in last year's landmark exhibit in England.  His work involves elegant creations that look like the heirlooms of .  His background is in lighting design which he then works into metal and wood.

His book is currently available for pre-order, The Art of Steampunk: Extraordinary Devices and Ingenious Contraptions.  


Ms. Blasé said...

The Craniometer is the best! Of course, I've always been partial to almost anything skeletal :)

Didn't know the guy had a Blogger blog, though. I believe this is it:

Art Donovan said...

Hello, Courtesan Macabre,

I am honored to have been posted on your wonderful blog. My sincere thanks and best regards for Spring :)

Art Donovan


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