Friday, March 18, 2011

Karl Lagerfeld Sketches Coco Chanel for Book

Is there a bigger fan of Gabrielle Chanel than Karl Lagerfeld?  The atelier has millions of fans around the world.  Coco Chanel's story has been played out as a pop history fairy-tale in movies and books many times over.

British journalist Justine Picardie wrote a new biography of the designer that Mr. Lagerfeld liked so much that he contributed several illustrations for the new French edition.  The new tome will be feted at a cocktail bash/signing in the Galignani bookstore (Karl's fave) on the evening of March 24th.


Dress Code: High Fashion said...

I love the lower illustration. The pearls are a banging contrast to the black.

Ms. Blasé said...

Simple yet highly expressive illustrations. Great stuff!


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