Thursday, March 10, 2011

Red Riding Hood and Other Costumes

How can you not love a lusty fairy tale where the title character is clothing?  This romantic/sexy rendition of the childhood story is hitting the theaters making a play to take "hot werewolf" away from Team Jacob.
So far, the reviews have been less than kind.  Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke may not have the next Academy Award on her hands, but she at least delivers some serious style.
Costume designer Cindy Evans researched many styles and fabrics to create the iconic cloak worn by Amanda Seyfried.  I'm not sure if you can see all the work that was put into it, but the designer decided on a heavy raw silk as the base fabric, then had it silk-screened with a swirled border.  The swirled pattern was then hand-embroidered in six different shades of red for dimension and depth.
Other costumes included corset-laced Medieval dresses accented with pops of color.  Accessories included removable leather sleeves or large knit crochet shawls.
Gary Oldman's armor was intricately detailed and antiqued.  Chain mail accented his arms from the metal suit.
Images courtesy of Warner Brothers


Ms. Blasé said...

Gary Oldman alone is enough to make me wanna see this movie! (His young top hat-sporting Dracula still makes me swoon to this day!)

Unknown said...

So awesome...looking forward to seeing all this amazing detail in the movie! Than you for sharing!


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