Saturday, January 7, 2012

Persy Collection Fall 2012


Sleek, chic and elegantly Goth, Yaniv Persy unveiled his collection inspired by an Oscar Wilde fairy tale. The palette is very simple, black and grey.  However, the designer uses a mix of silk chiffon, mesh, taffeta and leather to achieve a curvy, dramatic shape to the looks.  There is macrame and mesh to evoke the nets in the Wilde tale of "The Fisherman and his Soul".

I love hourglass silhouettes in fashion, and I am betting everyone who reads this blog is also partial to the dark palette.  Silk and leather are my favorite materials, they just feel sexy.  Persy is based in the UK, and the designer has some serious credentials... He counts designers John Galliano and Roberto Cavalli among his former employers.

What fashions are you wearing for the new year?


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