Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Anti-Valentine's Guide: Sweetly Demented Chocolate

For romantics of taste from a sexier, darker sensibility, bland bonbons from Godiva will not do this Valentine's Day.  Whether you want to send a deviant message of lust or hate, do it with good quality chocolate, but in a more morbid form....

Sweetly Demented is an online chocolatier from the deranged hands of Sivonne.  With a background in sculpture, art and photography, she brought her artistic skills to the French Culinary institute for work in chocolate.

She claims to have "watched too much Tim Burton as a kid" and is inspired by the natural surroundings of her Pennsylvania home.  She hand-created candy molds from actual deer antlers,hawk skulls, clay sculptures or paintings.  Sweetly Demented creations use a mix of Peter's Chocolate, edible luster dusts, fine flavoring oils and toffee.

I had the privileged of receiving these confectionery masterpieces, and the shimmering, detailed chocolate looks terrific.  I love the dark humor of this collection, and who doesn't love chocolate?

If you're looking for a tongue-in-cheek (whether the ganache stuck it there or not), candy delivery, look no further than Sweetly Demented Boutique.

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MissVermilion said...

That's is so cute! I want to wear them as jewelry instead of eat them haha!


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