Thursday, September 27, 2012

Steamy Gentlemen at Prada Fall 2012

Gentlemen, I understand I don't cater to your stylish tastes enough.  Ladies, you could all use some eye candy. Prada's Fall 2012 menswear collection takes care of both.  Celebrities like Emile Hirsch, Gary Oldman, Willem Defoe strutted the runway with chiseled male models.

The most recent men's runway from the Italian designer had darker, dapper styling than we are used to.  Breast pockets were adorned with steampunk-friendly spectacles, burnished metal embellishments and other trinkets.

The clothes mixed vintage patterns with pinstripes with a color palette friendly to those with a Gothic aesthetic.

Guys? Could you rock this collection?
photos by Monica Feudi of

1 comment:

Laura Morrigan said...

I love it, and that Gary Oldman modelled it! He is probably my favourite actor ever, except for maybe Ian McKellan. They might have to fight for that role. I would love these suits for my boyfriend!


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