Friday, October 19, 2012

Steampunk Style at NY Comic-Con

New York Comic-Con is the most inclusive place ever when it comes to how you dress.  That said, I was disappointed at small minority of Steampunk style this year in the crowds of cosplay.  Never fear, I came across two amazing designers who make amazing wearable pieces.

Steampunk gone Haute Couture...Silverleaf Costumes.  My gentleman consort came home with an exquisite hand tooled leather top hat, intricate clockwork gear goggles and a hip pouch that lit up like Tesla waves.  He was embarrassed to tell me how much he spent, but for this quality of craftsmanship, I would not expect it to be cheap.  The pieces were definitely priced appropriately for the pieces of art that they were.  Not convinced?  Film director Guillermo Del Toro was also browsing the booth while we were there, promising to consult with him on his next film.  The artists make clothing and seek out old clocks at every flea market just to find a variety of parts for their work.

Looking for some sexier, edgy pieces?  Brute Force Leather creates corsets that are more armor than lingerie.  Does the elaborate arm piece look familiar?  The makers at this studio also made the costume pieces worn by Nathan Fillion on the Steampunk episode of ABC's "Castle".

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