Friday, November 2, 2012

Dia de los Muertos Style

muertos wedding

Dia de los Muertos, the Mexican holiday celebrated at the beginning of November to celebrate loved ones who have passed on has become a huge aesthetic trend of late.

I first saw a flood of gorgeous beauty editorials from studios like 666 Photography.  They did a series of elaborate, burlesque-type looks with intricate floral headpieces and beautiful makeup.  I saw more and more of this as a cosmetics trend, culminating in several Dia de los Muertos fashionistas arriving at my recent Halloween party (that's Ulla in the red leather chair).

The Day of the Dead has a certain romantic appeal, judging by the many weddings that have incorporated the theme over at the Offbeat Bride.  The cakes looks beautiful and delicious!

The trend of nail art has inspired amazing works in manicures.  My favorite was the three dimensional look seen from Wicked B3eauty's  Tumblr.   Over at Etsy, designers like Kasket Kustoms are creating elegant and macabre jewelry collections that honor the skull-headed revelers.

Manicure photo from Wicked b3auty, corset/flower/beauty photos by 666 Photography, Ulla in chair by Mariana Leung, Cake photo from  She-n-He Photography, jewelry from Kasket Kustoms

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