Thursday, March 7, 2013

Exclusive Interview: Immortal Game Designer CLIFFLEE

The Immortal Game is an edgy film and fashion collaboration between Noir Tribe Media and fashion designer CLIFFLEE.  The film imagines a gorgeous woman who embodies six different chess pieces that are sacrificed throughout the story, inspired by the famous chess match of 1851.

CLIFFLEE is a designer who has worked for iconic names in fashion like Helmut Lang and Jean-Paul Gaultier.  He created the dark, sexy looks for the film from his own collection.  

You can win your own CLIFF LEE Immortal game makeover with Noir Tribe's contest HERE.

We had a chance to get a quick interview with Cliff about his work:

Courtesan Macabre: You left Canada for Paris in 1996 and your resume includes working with some the most prominent designers in fashion today.  Are there any experiences from with previous employers that shape how you work today?

CLIFFLEE: Absolutely. The incredible amount of efforts required in creating a comprehensive collection.

CM: You have a dark, sexy style that is also edgy.  What inspirations inform your overall aesthetic?
 CL: Thank you. I guess mostly from abstract sculpture, painting and contemporary art.

CM: What is your design process? Do you prefer to drape or sketch?
CL: My design process is a combination of images, sketches and draping so they are both equally important to me.

CM: How did you approach the task of creating the looks for each chess character for the Immortal Game?
CL: The look of each character was first created by looking at the shape of each chess piece and then we elaborated the looks through their character symbolism with different accessories for Immortal Game.

CM: Are you a chess player yourself? 
CL: Yes but I don't play as much as I like to anymore unfortunately.
CM: Thanks Cliff!
Enter the Pinterest contest to win the handmade Pawn's hat, umbrella and a custom Pawn's dress made for you by CLIFFLEE himself!  Enter HERE.


Laura Morrigan said...

I love the headdress and the hairdo! Amazing styling!

Mariana Leung said...

Make sure enter the contest so you can win the entire Pawn's look custom-made for you by the designer!


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