Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Style: Mask Round-up

I have no doubt that Courtesan Macabre readers know how to put together a Halloween costume... So, instead, I'm going to advocate that we all dress impeccably and enhance our beauty with a gorgeous mask.  I searched my favorite boutiques and have gathered my favorite pieces of wearable art for your ensembles tonight...

I found that I had a fondness for aviary looks this season.  The cut leather bird mask had a simple but dramatic silhouette enhanced by its height.  The red and black feather mask could pass for an elaborate hairstyle.

The Venetian look is always elegant.  Modern crafters and designers are giving their own take on the classic look.  Vivo Masks have an antiqued silver mask reminiscent of ancient theatrical productions.  The carved resin fire dragon mask is a sculpture for the face.

Mixing wood grain and metal studs mask has a Steampunk look for the guys who want something more masculine. The lacy blue butterfly mask mixes modern laser cut techniques with traditional flourishes for a pretty feminine look.

Last but not least, there was a great leather and light-up mask that looked like it had classic soutache embroidery motifs except the look was achieved in glowing EL Wire.  

Now get thee to a masked ball already!


Ms Misantropia said...

Beautiful masks. Happy Halloween!

Llightningx said...

Provocative and hideous.


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