Monday, August 4, 2014

Last Rites Gallery

I came across a fantastic Gothic art gallery in the Garment District of New York.   The Last Rites Gallery was decorated with dark charcoal walls, red lit bar counter, a creepy dungeon tattoo parlour.  Wooden furniture resembled a guillotine.  Awesome right?

The artists on display currently include Richard J. Oliver who creates haunting, beautiful paintings of wide-eyed ladies of different cultures.  Stefano Alcantara paints in the classical tradition with a few macabre motifs like black and white doves and skulls.  There were fantastic sculptures with a science fiction or mythological element to them.  Their in-house artists are a curated group whose art has a darker aesthetic, but beautifully detailed.

As thorough as the theme is, they don't take themselves too seriously.  Inside the dungeon tattoo parlour, an episode of South Park was playing, the one with the Goth kids getting angsty with the Twilight kids.

Can't make it to NYC? A lot of the work can be viewed on their website. 


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