Friday, February 29, 2008

Wylde About You...

Hello Lover, if you want to impress me with treats, you need to come up with more than a handful of Malomars. Luxury Punk/Goth fashion queen and head designer Paula Thomas has the perfect purse for ladies of edgy taste. This Thomas Wylde "Bag of Tricks" handbag is just the right accessory for the high-end vampiress and couture-minded witch. The generous textural grained black leather is exquisitely finished with detailed stitching. The weathered silver rivets are engraved with skulls, and the front of the bag is appliqued with a gothic gun metal cross. The lining of this handbag is the signature fun skull print. Carry this, and you will definitely be the most fashionable Mistress of Darkness at the next haunted soiree.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Gothette in Training... Danae Pyle of Non Sequitur

Little Danae is one of my favorite comic strip characters. She is the most popular figure of award winning comic strip "Non-Sequitur". She is smart (and smart-ass) with a cynical view of the world that is mature beyond her years. When she is not trying to use her unique view of politics or authority to her own advantage, she likes to torture boys, her blonde perky sister or play with her imaginary dragon Lucy. Her quirky jet bob and signature skull-printed tunic show her Gothic fashionista stylings already... Lucy and Danae: Something Silly This Way Comes

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Academy Award for Gothic Fashion? Sweeney Todd and Oscar.

sweeney todd costume johnny depp stripes

Colleen Atwood is one of my favorite costume designers of all time. She already won the golden statue twice already for the slick, sexy outfits in "Chicago" and more innovative, Asian chic for "Memoirs of a Geisha". Her signature look has been the frequent styling collaborations with Goth film auteur, Tim Burton.

In Sweeney Todd, the designer has created a distressed, more-punk-than-Broadway look for the dark and bloody musical. Blacks, greys and deep wines, blood red, shredded silks and velvets. Corsets and tailored vests give a nice silhouette. Critics have already pegged her as the favorite to win the Academy Award this Sunday.

She has my vote, and if you are watching the Oscars this weekend, show this amazing artist some love!

Dinner Date with Death

Sometimes Death takes a holiday. Sometimes Mr. Grim just wants to sit down to a nice meal. What more elegant way to honour such the morbid prince as to serve supper on this fine set of dinnerware? Made of porcelain, this set features platinum screened skulls and crossbones of intricate detail. Quirky, sleek, and perfect for the rogue pirate or rebellious socialite too.

Hmm, what to serve? Bloody Mary, deviled eggs, Pain de Muertos from a Mexican bakery, or black truffled mac n' cheese? For dessert... dark dark chocolate please.

Available at Z Gallerie shops and online for about $40 for most pieces.

Monday, February 18, 2008

NY Bite Club... You're in for a Tasty Night

Ok, not exactly what you expected. You will find no wannabe vampires in polyester capes and plastic fangs. This is NYC’s premier underground dining club. You have to be a member to reserve a seat at one of their exclusive dining events each weekend. The multi-course banquets consist of decadent dish after dish paired with exquisitely paired cocktails or wines. While their menus are secret until the night of the event, sample menus and photos indicate delicacies like Lobster and Sweet Potato Napoleon, Red Beet Ravioli with Poppy Seed Butter and Burnt Caramel Pot de Creme with Roasted Banana Ice Cream. These delights are prepared by hot chefs of the city and cocktails are mixed by rotating mixologist of great bars like (love the name) the famed Death & Co.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Anti-Valentine Delivery...

For all of you Bitter Betties, disgruntled dumped debutantes, and rebels against manufactured commercial holidays, here is the perfect floral gift for you. Quirky site Pushin’ Daisies is offering delivery of a dozen dead roses for the ex or thorn in your life. Does your love have a twisted sense of humor? This works too. They are actually hgh-quality dried flowers that stand up to display, and arrive in an 18″ coffin-shaped box. Write your message of love (or hate) on the enclosed toe tag… $26.95
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Friday, February 8, 2008

Bella Umbrella Pagoda Parasols

The weather is cold, wet and miserable! Those of you with cat-like tendencies to cower and pout in the rain can find fashionable relief. Strike a dramatic, Edward Gorey-like silhouette with this Pagoda shaped parasol from Bella Umbrella.The beautiful and jewel-like handles are interchangeable. This company also has collections of antique, vintage and stunning accessories to fulfill your most romantic bridal or Gothic Lolita needs.


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