Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Valentine's Guide: Ophelia's Art

Witty, pretty and just a little bit retro, Ophelia's Art on Cafepress is a one stop shop for Valentine's gifts with a twist. Sweet and not so sweet graphics with a gothic sensibility can be found on everything from camera flip phones, tees, mugs and pillows. Lots of vintage-inspired images are paired with tongue-in-cheek sentiments. This artist has also taken skull motifs and manipulated them into a satire of girly Valentine's conventions. If your love has a sense of humor, or you just want to send your single friends some fun tokens of your affection, browse the artful selection here.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Vampire Name Generator

This very simple and silly web page allows you to enter in a mundane first and last name and it will generate a "Great Archives" name and worldly title for you. I guess it could be very handy if you find yourself writing erotic bloodsucker fiction and at a loss for a character. Just don't let me see it on your business card...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Gothettes In Training: Goth Punk Barbie

When your favorite little girl or that once cool niece of yours has succumbed to a phase of frothy pink crap, turn to the Hard Rock Cafe for redemption. Bring them to the dark side slowly, it IS Mattel) with Goth Punk Barbie. With eyeliner, corset dress, fishnets and guitar, she rocks it hard and good. One the sweet little thing has been swayed, you can introduce her to deeper and darker goods of the culture

Monday, January 5, 2009

Macabre Travel: The Darkside Store in Toronto, Canada

I'm so sorry for not writing sooner darlings. I was paying a visit to my friends in the North. The lovely city of Toronto is a rich source for Gothic style and lusciously brooding lovers. On a quick stroll of Queen Street West, always a hotbed of fashionable dark frocks I discovered delightful boutique. The Darkside Store is a wonderful shop dedicated to horror. A beautiful collection of books, cards and artwork is for sale by a talented artist calling herself Creepy Christine. Apparel with graphics from your favorite spooky cinematic moments are here as are a myriad of other collectibles. The facade on the street is lovingly created to resemble a haunted house. The store's website isn't quite up to date with all of the merchandise yet, but it lists many of the horror scene's great events around town.


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